Research Administration

Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering Research Administration office. Our office assists faculty with various aspects of the research proposal process.


New ORA Administrator: Effective 5/4/2020, our new contact in ORA will be Cassie Moore. Cassie has many years of experience in the higher education setting. She spent several years in a University of Maryland departmental setting with a wide range of responsibilities.  Danette will keep all open items she has on her desk for Mechanical Engineering and all new items will go to Cassie.

Cassie Moore

SUBMIT A TICKET: (Proposal, research questions, agreements, no cost extensions, pre-proposal questions/requests, etc.)

Please submit a ticket to with the following information.

  • PI/CoPIs (full names)
  • Title
  • Start/End date
  • Due date or (aim date)
  • Budgetary request (what would you like in your budget, limits, etc.)
  • Sponsor POC information (Name, email, phone#)

Please attach the following:

  • Draft technical
  • RFP
  • Other sponsor requested forms


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