General Purchasing Guidelines
  • All purchases must be routed through the Mechanical Engineering Business Office.
  • The first step is to submit an order request via Procurify.
  • The request is submitted to the approver (the PI on the account) and, once approved is automatically routed to the Business Office.
  • The Business Office processes the request. We contact you when the item(s) arrive and we ask that you stop by to pick it up on the day you receive notice.
  • If the purchase is over $500, you will need to obtain a quote from the company.
  • If the vendor doesn’t take credit cards, we will have to process the request through Accounts Payable. This adds time to the processing of your request.
Purchases over $25,000
  • If the purchase is over $25,000, we will need to request a purchase order through the UMD Procurement Office which is subject to the bidding process.
  • If you feel the vendor you have selected meets the requirements for a sole-source justification, please complete the Sole Source Form and submit it along with the quotation and the purchase request. Please allow ample time for processing.
Sole Source Items & Services

Procurement of single/sole source items/services exceeding $100,000 typically takes a minimum of 2-3 months to process, starting from the time a complete package including an approved purchase requisition and single/sole source justification documentation is received by Procurement. Please keep this in mind when planning time frames for significant purchases.

Purchases Made Without Prior Approval

In circumstances where a purchase is made without prior department approval and reimbursement is required, you will need to submit a Miscellaneous Payment Request Form. Please fill out the information and include an explanation of why you did not go through the department’s purchasing procedures. Attached original receipts. Also, be sure, if an item is requiring shipment that you indicate the University of Maryland as the ship to address.

Purchases Charged to State Accounts

For purchases being charged to State accounts (starting with a 1 or 2), Penny processes the request. For purchases being charged to research accounts (starting with 4 or 5), Ruth processes the request.

Federal Minority and Small Disadvantaged Programs

The University supports the State of Maryland and the Federal Minority and Small Disadvantaged Programs. To this end, you are encouraged to utilize these vendors when making your purchasing decisions.

Inventory Requirements
  • Be aware that due to State rules anything valued at $1000 or more, or in a particular category, must be tagged with a University barcode to be put into the campus Inventory system.
  • This is a State mandated requirement, not an ME requirement.
  • You will also need to complete a form if the equipment is to be taken off-campus, i.e. using a laptop – the procurement team will provide the form for you to sign when you pick up an item.
  • If you are disposing of an item or moving it to another location off-campus, you MUST check to see if it has a University barcode on it – if it does, please email with the details about the item, and the barcode number.
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