USPS Mail delivered twice per day – once in the morning around 9:00 am and once in the afternoon around 1:00 pm.

UPS Mail Ground delivered daily – either before lunch or around 3:30 pm. Any overnight will arrive the next morning when there is a delivery.

FedEx Express or Ground deliver daily – usually in the mornings.


USPS – Please contact the Main Office Front Desk at if you need to arrange for a pick-up of a single item or bulk mailing.

UPS – Please contact Penny Komsat at to get a UPS label and packaging. The package should be left at the Main Office Front Desk or 2181 Martin Hall for UPS pick-up.

FedEx – The first step is to decide if you will be sending via Express or Ground. The packaging and label can be found at the Main Office Front Desk. Please make sure to tear off the sender’s copy and leave it with the Department Staff for record keeping. The sender will need to call FedEx in advance to arrange for a pick-up at 2181 Martin Hall.

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