Laptop Rental for International Travel

Faculty and staff members can now rent laptops for departmental use from the Division of Information Technology. They are configured to address security concerns related to international travel, and using them can prevent the compromise of department-owned and personal laptops.

Renters can choose a Macintosh (available now) or Windows (coming soon) operating system. Basic software is pre-installed (Cisco AnyConnect for VPN, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, R Studio, MATLAB, Chrome, and Firefox). Additional software can be pre-installed if requested on the rental form, and renters may also use admin rights to install additional software.

First-time renters who intend to use the laptop during international travel will be required to complete a brief digital safety presentation at the time of pickup.

Laptop rentals are charged to the department and can be paid for via FRS or UMD Procurement Card. The rental fee is $60 per week. There is currently no limit on the length of time a computer can be rented, but they are not intended to be for long-term use. When each laptop is returned, its contents will be deleted, and it will be reimaged before being rented out again.

The new service was developed in response to a UMD community request, and with input from departmental IT contacts.

The IT Library offers additional details about the request process and answers to frequently asked questions.

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