Welcome to Mechanical Engineering Department.  This page is a quick guide to assist new faculty with the Mechanical Engineering business office functions and the University.

Please make sure to check out the following link  The Office of Faculty Affairs Hand Book Page has information on policies, benefits, services and other related matters of the University.

The following information and instructions were compiled to assist new faculty with the ME business practices with regards to startup packages.


  • Orders/purchased by the new faculty member using startup funds.
  • ME IT staff (meit@umd.edu) should be consulted as needed.
  • Procurify (internal ME purchase routing) must be filled out and submitted.
  • Visit Finance for more information.

Copy Machines

  • Copy machines and printers are housed in the main business office 2179A Glenn Martin Hall for use. 
  • A university ID will be needed to set up login and use of these machines.
  • Please contact the front desk at mefrontdesk@umd.edu.

Financial Reporting

  • New faculty will need to gain online access to financial reports by filling out BA3 SOU form located under the form tab. The form will need to be turned into the Director of Operations for processing.  Once access has been granted to the system email will be sent with directions and password.
  • Sponsored Research contract/grant awards will have a financial statement monthly that may be retrieved on-line via Priority BA3 on the web.  Please go to ________to download and sign the form. Please contact mefinance@umd.edu with any questions.
    <link to post award team>


  • You will be provided a key to your office and the copy/mail room. 
  • Depending on the building your office and lab is in you may need card swipe access as well. 
  • Please fill out this form and bring to the front desk in 2181 Martin Hall.   
  • If your Graduate students need a key to the lab there is a $10.00 refundable key deposit that will need to be paid by the student at the main business office front desk.  They will need to fill out and have you sign this form.

Lab Equipment

  • Lab equipment, research supplies and computers purchased/ordered by the faculty member and are funded via startup funds.
  • It is the new faculty member’s responsibility to consult with the manufacturer of specialized equipment and convey any requirements for special electrical, plumbing, and or HVAC needs to the Senior Facility Coordinator, _________and William Grub Associate Director for Engineering Projects bgrubb@umd.edu

Lab Renovations

  • Any funding for faculty members lab renovations will be stipulated in their offer letter or correspondence with the Chair (or his/her delegate).  
  • If renovation costs are lower than expected estimated budget the ME department any remaining funds will revert back to the department.  If renovation costs are higher the Chair must approve additional costs.
  • All space renovations are coordinated with the help of the Senior Facility Coordinator, __________________ and William Grub Associate Director for Engineering Projects bgrubb@umd.edu.

Laboratory Supplies

  • Ordered/purchased by the new faculty member using startup funds.  Please remember as start-up funds run out to think about what type of lab supplies you are ordering if they should be on discretionary funds such as DRIF Designated Initiative Research Fund or if they are reasonable and allowable to Sponsored Research funding you may have.


Mail slot is housed in 2179A Glenn Martin Hall with individuals name on the slot.  If you have any questions please contact the Front Desk for assistance.

Office Space

  • New faculty members are generally provided with an office that has been recently painted and cleaned and includes a standard office desk, office furniture, book case, office computers/printers should be purchased from the faculty’s startup funds.  Please contact Senior Facilities Coordinator, __________ for coordination of your office set up.
  • All space renovations are coordinated with Senior Facility Coordinator, __________ so that the appropriate departments are consulted for special electrical, plumbing and/or HVAC needs.

Office Supplies

  • Basic Office supplies (pens, file folders, pads of paper, etc.) are provided by the department and new faculty should contact the Front Desk for needed items.



  • Follow these steps for creating your human resources record, obtaining your University ID, and enrolling in benefits. mehr@umd.edu Learn more button-link to Personnel.


  • Faculty members are expected to manage their availability of funds to ensure adequate funds are available for any and all expenditures.
  • New faculty utilizing startup funding will submit a purchase request through ME internal purchasing system procurify. The assigned business manager, Penny Komsat skomsat@umd.edu will be the administrator processing purchase requests on startup funds.
  • Visit Procurement for more info.

Room Reservations

Start-Up Funds

  • Contact the Director of Operations to set up your start-up account which will be online accessible. 
  • Please remember during your first year you will need to submit a proposal for Minta Martin Funding which is included in your start-up funding total dollar amount on your offer letter.


  • A phone will be provided in your office for your work use. 
  • Please contact the Senior Coordinator, __________.
  • Visit it.umd.edu/phone for more information about the University of Maryland Phone System.


  • Offering travel support including flight approvals, expense reimbursements and travel compliance; the Business Manager, Lita Brown ibrown@umd.edu helps faculty, staff, students and guests navigate the University travel and expense management process.
  • For more information, visit: hub.me.umd.edu/finance/travel/


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