For Faculty and Staff, parking registration and payroll deduction forms are available at the Front Desk or 2181 Martin Hall. Additional information for faculty, staff and visitor parking can be found below.

Faculty & Staff


The UMD Department of Transportation Services (DOTS) has published the new parking rates for 2019-2020 (see table).  All tiers have increased a little more than 7%.

This is in line with the premium cost of parking, resulting partially from the University’s transformation with new buildings and a larger population.  The future promises even less availability and reduced parking access.

The DOTS website has been upgraded in recent years to provide direct access to individual parking management. Their goal is for users to be able to do everything online. 

Manage Your Parking Account

Updating vehicle and license plate information and paying or appealing citations can be reached from the main DOTS page:

Visitor parking for our side of campus is available on the top level of Regents Drive Garage or by the Xfinity Center. All other visitor parking options on campus can be found here.

A closer option that saves visitors from campus traffic is the Off Campus Parking lot across Route 1, next to The Hotel on the Potomac Pizza end of the block:

Visitor Parking

Their hourly, daily and monthly rates are affordable and everything can be done through the SpotHero application. The lot is privately managed, so campus validation codes do not work with their system.

Parking Violations & Appeals

Visitors (and faculty/staff) who receive tickets can appeal online to the UMD Department of Transportation Citations & Reviews for the quickest access and to receive direct responses from DOTS.  They do not need a University login ID.

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